Think your paywall sucks ?

So, you installed a paywall and ended up here ? Then you probably think like us: paywalls suck!

Erecting paywalls to protect high quality content from the masses is one kind of approach to monetizing your readers. There is that one tiny problem however: people don’t like paywalls and therefore the conversion rate for paying users is dramatically low. Ouch!

Paycento believes that paywalls are only part of the answer, and so we position our solution as a “can fit into any content monetization solution”, especially as it is the ideal solution for selling digital “bite size” chunks.

What does that mean ? It means that you can use a paywall together with Paycento, or you can solely use Paycento to make money from your precious content. Paycento supports both “one-time” visitors as returning visitors.

Think payments are dull ? Think again! Discover our integration possibilities which will cover all needs of currency storage. Whether you want to sell news articles, music pieces, audio or video streams, in-game credits… you name it, we handle it!